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Laurel Rodgers Photographer

Laurel Rodgers Photographer

Our names are John and Laurel Rodgers. We are both age 65, or more, and have been photographing the world off and on since 1999. We currently now travel 365 days a year. Photography and our blog provide our total income. We concentrate on three types of photography: Street Photos, Landscape Photos (mostly HDR) and People Around the World.

Learning photography and photo editing can be a large undertaking or a small one depending on the road you use to reach that goal. Travel can be very expensive or you can see and enjoy the world with much less money than you can just live on in the United States. You can enjoy a healthy happy lifestyle while meeting new people and experiencing the cultures of the world. Take a camera and "Just Go Travel", it's a really great way to live your life and earn a great income doing it.

I use Lightroom for 90% of my photo editing. The only part of my day-to-day workflow that is done in Photoshop is the HDR merging of photos. It is the one process that does a superior job to Lightroom.

That is the reason the 5 Minute Editing System is the most popular resource on our blog. You are able to jump ahead years in your travel and photography career with this one tool. Just download the Free Preset Collection to find out why. Use them in conjunction with the tutorials and information below and you will soon see why.



Free Lightroom Presets Collection 5 Minute Editing System

checkmark    Information: The Free Preset Collection Free Download

checkmark    Tutorial: How to Use ARTT Free Lightroom Preset Collection

checkmark    Tutorial: How to Install Presets

checkmark    Tutorial: How to Install Brushes


Second only to our Free Presets and Toolkit for Lightroom is our continuing Photography With ARTT Series. We are continually adding tutorials on HDR, Camera Use and Locations in this section. While the process of editing the images is paramount to getting the desired product, getting the raw images to edit is equally as important. To do that we must know how to use our camera effectively and find the best spots from which to get those photos.

As world travel photographers this proves especially difficult for us some of the time. We travel to rural areas without guides in most cases and many times have a huge language barrier in explaining what we are looking for. We know that many of you will not face these challenges but we will include this information on finding unphotographed great spots as well.


All photographers must have a basic understanding of the 3 Pillars of Photography. They are Aperture - Shutter Speed - ISO. To begin shooting images without understanding these three camera settings and how to control your output will lead to frustration and failure in your photos. You may get a good image now and again, but what you want is to only have a failure now and again.

Understanding Photography 3 Pillars Understanding Aperture Understanding Shutter Speed Understanding ISO

checkmark     Understanding the 3 Pillars of Photography

checkmark     Understanding Aperture

checkmark     Understanding Shutter Speed

checkmark     Understanding ISO

We then begin our continuing series on our most popular posts regarding cameras, setups and shooting techniques. These are a few to get you started and we will work at adding one new one each week. Register Here to get those sent to your email now so you will not miss anything. Registration will also give you access to the Free LIghtroom Presets Download we offer.

 Automatic Exposure Bracketing Understanding White Balance Controlling Aperture and Shutter Speed Understanding Shutter Lag Time

checkmark     AEB: Automatic Exposure Bracketing

checkmark     Understanding White Balance

checkmark     Tricking Your Point and Shoot Camera

checkmark     Stop Shutter Lag


Beginning HDR Photography

We love doing HDR-style photos. The human eye captures three times more than the most sensitive camera sensor can record. So many times we get home to see a photo and it is just not like what we remember on site. Enter the HDR age, this process gives us a much more accurate recording to match our memory.

What Is HDR?

By allowing the camera to capture multiple images at different exposures, we are able to recreate a photograph that is comparable to our recollection of a particular place or event. This allows us to improve the capabilities of the DSLR sensors and in turn the final output of the photograph.

This is accomplished by taking photos in Brackets. A series of 3 or 5 images with different exposures merged into one photo to capture all of the color layers in one picture. It is a photography process, not a picture. It is the merging of color layers in Photoshop, Lightroom or Photomatix etc.

To learn more and get started with HDR read our 5 part Photography With ARTT Series here to get started:

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checkmark     Tutorial: HDR Field to Computer

checkmark     Tutorial: Expands One's Photos With High HDR Range

checkmark     Tutorial: Natural HDR with Photomatix

checkmark     Tutorial: When To Use HDR and When Not To


Most Popular HDR Pictures

To take a look at all the photos we have available for viewing and for purchase at Our Galleries.


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Blogging for Photographers

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We would love to have you follow along and look forward to your comments, questions, and suggestions.