Installation of Brushes to Lightroom

*Important* Brushes were included in your download. The Brushes are to be installed into a different folder than the presets and layers.

Step 1: Download the Presets Zip File

Once you placed your order, you were directed to a page with a link to download the product files. Download the zip file and store it somewhere on your computer for back-up. You will be installing the presets in Lightroom, but you should also have the actual preset files somewhere else on your computer as a backup. Files are normally found in the ‘downloads area’ on your hard drive.

Step 2: Unzip the Files

If you have a PC: Right-click on the downloaded folder and then click “extract all”. If you have a MAC: Double-click on the downloaded folder and your computer will automatically extract all.

You will have 3 folders:
1. “Your Newly Purchased Presets Folder”
2. 5ME Brushes
3. Layer Sets

Save the extracted files in a easily remembered location on your computer.

Install Presets: phase 1

Step 3: Open the Presets Folder in Lightroom
With Lightroom open, go to:

If you have a PC: Edit > Preferences. If you have a MAC: Lightroom > Preferences.

This will open a new window. Click (1) on the “Presets” tab. In this window, you will see a section under ‘LOCATION’  labeled (2) “store presets with this catalog”.  Make sure this is unchecked.

Click on the (3) “Show Lightroom Presets Folder” button. That will open Adobe folders on your computer.

Click to open the “Lightroom” folder. Then click to open the “Local Adjustment Presets” folder. If you do not find that folder, you can make it and place the brushes in it.

Install Brushes: Instructions 2

Step 4: Paste the 5ME Brushes Folder into the “Local Adjustment Presets” folder.
Copy the brushes folder that you downloaded in step 2 and paste them into the “Local Adjustment Presets” folder.

Install Brushes: Instructions 3
Step 5: Re-Start Lightroom
Now, close the ‘develop presets’ window. Look down at the bottom left of the Lightroom Preferences window and click on the “Reset Lightroom”. When Lightroom re-opens, your presets will be installed.

Install Brushes: phase 4

Step 6: Start Using the Presets
To access your brushes, click on the icon that looks like a brush/slider. It can be found in the top right hand corner of your editing panel in the Develop module. Click on “New” and “Custom” for the complete Drop Down Menu.