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Very simple. Fill out the form on the right. You will be asked to confirm your email. Once you confirm your email, the email with your download link will be sent. Just click on the link. Everyone who is a subscriber to my newsletter gets the FREE Lightroom Preset Collection in addition to Discounts and other Freebies as time goes by. I promise not to spam your email. I hate spam as much as you do. I usually send three emails per week at most. Often, time does not allow me to send this many. A typical week would include:

  1. Workflow On One of My Images
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The focus of the ARTT 5 Minute Editing System

This collection of free presets will allow you to see how easy and fun editing your cherished work can be. While we have a number of collections we are sending your starter presets in each of the following. We feel these will give a wide range of the most used preset groups:

  • ARTT Around Town Series
  • ARTT 300 Series
  • ARTT Dramatic Landscape Series
  • ARTT HDR Mixed Collection
  • ARTT Editing Tool Kit

This will give you 4 free presets to try as well as introducing you to the 5ME Tool Kit which is the first piece of the puzzle in conquering Lightroom Editing. The toolkit gives you 39 Stackable Layers. When editing in Lightroom if you make changes and are not happy and hit “Reset” it takes you back to ‘square one’. With our stackable workflow layers you can hit, for example, Exposure +1, if it is not enough, hit “Ctl-Z” on your keyboard to undo only the last layer and you then can choose Exposure ++ or Exposure +++ to get the desired look.

These Base 39 Presets let you control all of the basic editing functions while still allowing you to do final tweaks in the basic sliders. Our full series also offers you over 150 stackable layers including Details, Temp-Sat, Color, Tones, and Vignettes. Also a bonus 39 stackable layers in each 5 Minute Editing System Packages and 132 Lightroom Brushes.

Baseline Presets
Stax Presets
Stackable Layers
LR Brushes
Instant Download
PC/Mac users
RAW/JPG images

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Our Complete Series of Preset Collections are located in the STORE under ALL PRESETS.

Free Presets for Lightroom

Houston – From our Around Town Series gives you a great black and white preset for all landscapes, city and street photos.
Badlands Warm Afternoon – Versatile HDR preset from the HDR Mixed Collection
ARTT 300 Medium – One of a special collection of our own creation, ARTT 300, that offers you a bit of grit and a bit of grunge, all without losing your original photographs.
All About The Moments – Easy to use preset from the Dramatic Landscape Effects.
Below we will show you each of the free presets in action as well as how to install all of the presets, the 5ME Toolkit and we will explain how to use the items in the toolkit.

Here are some Before and After edits using the same tools I am sending you today totally free. Move the slider in the photograph to see the entire before and after photos. These were all made using a single 1 Step or single Baseline Preset and the adjustments available in the Tool Kit.

ARTT Around Town Series

[THE ORIGINAL PHOTO – Cannes, France – Les Murs Peints    ///    ARTT Around Town Series – HOUSTON PRESET]

ARTT HDR Mixed Collection

[THE ORIGINAL PHOTO – Hanoi, Vietnam Street Scene    ///    ARTT HDR Mixed Collection – BADLANDS WARM AFTERNOON PRESET]

ARTT 300 Series

[THE ORIGINAL PHOTO – Cannes, France – Musee de la Castare    ///    ARTT 300 Series – MEDIUM PRESET]

ARTT Dramatic Landscape Effects

[THE ORIGINAL PHOTO – Mui Ne, Vietnam    ///    ARTT Dramatic Landscape Effects – ALL ABOUT THE MOMENTS PRESET]

Quick Installation Guide:


1) Open Lightroom
2) Click on the “Edit” Tab on the top left of the screen and click “Preferences”.
3) While in the 2nd Tab called “Presets”, make sure that “Store presets with this catalog” is NOT CHECKED, then select the “Show Lightroom Presets Folder…” next to it.
4) Open the “Lightroom” Folder.
5) Open the “Develop Presets” Folder.
6) ‘Copy and Paste’ or ‘Drag and Drop’ the Free ARTT Presets and the 2A-Layers 5ME Toolkit folders into the “Develop Presets” Folder.
7) Once this is done, close the “Lightroom” Folder. The “Preferences” window should be showing again.
8) Click on the “Restart Lightroom” button on the bottom left of the window.
9) When Lightroom re-opens, the Presets should appear on the left-hand side of your “Develop” module.


1) Open Lightroom
2) Go To: Lightroom (Dialogue) • Preferences • Presets
3) Click On The Box Titled: Show Lightroom Presets Folder
4) Double Click on Lightroom
5) Double Click on Develop Presets
6) Copy The Free ARTT Presets and the 2A-Layers 5ME Toolkit folders into the “Develop Presets” Folder.
7) Restart Lightroom

TOOLKIT Adjustments

The 5ME Toolkit is the collection of adjustment presets that do not create any specific look in your photos but help you to customize the look produced by both the 1 Click and the Baseline Presets

5ME ToolKit

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